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Swinger Club Memberships

Joining a swingers club is a great way to explore and express your sexuality with your partner. A membership will allow you to access the club including special events. It will also ensure your safety as well as the safety of the other members. Here’s what you should know about swingers club memberships.

What They Require

Other than the cost of the membership, certain information will need to be obtained before one can get a membership. Since swingers clubs are all about sex and commonality within the community, safety is a concern. The club will want to ensure their members safety, so they will ask for identifying information before a membership is granted. Some clubs only require a government issued ID and a current address, and others will run a background check to ensure no history of sexual violence has been documented.


Most swingers clubs will charge for a membership, but others only charge for the events. Many clubs will also have different levels of memberships available. The basic memberships will allow you access to the clubs, but you will have to pay for the individual events. Higher memberships may include access to some of the events, and discounts on the larger events held. With your membership you are provided a safe place to practice swinging, full security, and amenities such as towels and condoms. Some allow you to bring in alcohol, and others will provide a bar depending on the legalities of the town they are located in.

Going To A Swingers Club As A Couple

Going to a swingers club as a couple is a great way to explore your sexuality with other couples. It can also be a great way to find a third to join if you want to try a threesome. Those that want to experience exhibitionism or voyeurism will also enjoy a swingers club. If you are going to a club for the first time, here’s what you can expect.

Take It In

Before you decide on what you want to do, you should spend a little time walking around to see what everything is about. You may have gone in with the idea of soft swinging, but decide to participate after you see some other action. Also take some time to get to know the other people there. You may have only wanted to add a third to your activity, but the right couple could allow you to explore more openly.

Choosing Others

As a couple it’s important to keep the lines of communication open. The decision to add other singles or couples to your activities should be a joint decision. Talk to others, then meet up with your partner to discuss. This will ensure that both of you are on the same page and can enjoy everything fully.

Ground Rules

Make sure you have ground rules set up before you start playing. This way if one partner isn’t comfortable with something it won’t become awkward or start a fight later. If you want to change a rule, don’t do it hastily or in front of others. Instead, take your partner to the side and discuss it without other couples around. This takes the pressure off the situations and allows both parties to be open regarding their feelings.

How Safe Are Swinger Clubs?

Despite what many people think, swingers clubs aren’t as dangerous as they are sometimes made out to be. Swingers are typically responsible people, and take safety precautions. The clubs add an extra level of security by requiring memberships before you can participate. Here are just a few ways that swingers clubs provide a safe environment.

Rules Regarding Safe Sex

Swingers clubs always require that condoms be used for all sexual acts. For some clubs this also includes oral activities. Most clubs provide condoms during events as well. Swingers have a lower instance of STDs than those who don’t participate in the lifestyle simply because they are very cautious by nature.

Privacy And Security

Before you can go in to a swingers club, you must have some level of membership. Even though many allow guest memberships, they do still require you to provide certain information. The club will want to see copies of your ID and will need your current address. Some go further and ask for more information. You will be able to use any name you want to other swingers, but the club will have your information in case anything were to happen. Some clubs also run background checks, but this isn’t as common.

Most swingers club also use private security throughout the club to keep things under control. With this level of safety in place, it’s much less likely that something bad would happen while at a club than by just picking up random people in bars.

Is There Alcohol Served At A Swingers Club?

Alcohol can help loosen nervous people up. It can help create a more comfortable atmosphere and relax people, especially those who are new to the swinging community. Not all clubs allow alcohol, and others have specific rules surrounding the use of alcohol. If you are unsure, here is what you should find out about the club you are looking at.


Depending on the location and the laws some swingers clubs may have a license to serve alcohol on premise. This is pretty rare though, as most laws across many countries forbid sexual activity in an establishment that alcohol is served. If you happen to find a swingers club that is licensed, find out what type of events they are hosting before you go.


The most common arrangements in regards to alcohol is the bring your own policy. This way the club doesn’t have to have a license to sell, and they can store it for you. Some clubs will charge you a storage fee for this, but it’s usually only a few dollars. Clubs that offer BYO alcohol will have mixers and sodas ready for you, and this is typically free. Some clubs are hosted in private residential settings, and they may have their own policies regarding alcohol, and are typically also BYO.

No Alcohol

Other clubs will just eliminate alcohol either because of local regulations or just to avoid the hassle. If this is important to you, you can always stop and have a cocktail or two before you go. Just remember that people who show up inebriated may not be allowed entrance.

What are the best swingers clubs in the UK?

If you are trying to find the best swingers clubs in the UK, then it can be something that takes a lot of work. You will need to make sure that you are able to know where to look and know what it is that you are looking for. These are things that can help you to find the best ones out there.

Serve Food and Drinks

The swingers clubs that serve you food and drink are ones that you can really count on to be the real deal. It shows that they know that you may be there for more than just sex. There are a lot of different swinger’s clubs that do not offer you more than a few rooms and some beds. Look for one that has more to it than that.


The swinger’s clubs that can provide to you good security are the best ones that are out there. Things can sometimes get out of hand or out of control or heated whenever you are at a swinger’s club. It does not matter which one you are at or what they offer, this is something that can just happen. Look for good security in the club that you go to.


The most important thing that a swinger’s club can provide to you is cleanliness. You are going to want to make sure that the club that you choose has clean, fresh sheets and clean towels. Showers are also a good thing for a swinger’s club to have.

Where Can I Find Swinger Club Reviews?

Whenever you are trying to find swinger club reviews, this can be difficult and frustrating. You don’t want to go to just any swinger club without at first doing your research. While you will want to experience them on your own, it is always a good idea to get some advice from other swingers first.

Message Boards

Go online and look at some message boards that are of the club that you are considering. You will be able to get a look at what the overall reviews where and what other people happen to think of that particular place. This is something that can help you to understand what it is that you can watch out for and which ones have the best options.

Word Of Mouth

You will find that some of the best reviews that you can get are from fellow swingers. You will find that being able to ask a person that you know what they think of a specific club is a great way for you to get a straight answer of what kind of place it is. They will also have a better idea of what you want to hear more about and what you will like.


Believe it or not, the actual website of the club that you are researching can tell you a lot about the club itself. If a club does not want to show you pictures or does not provide a lot of information, then you may want to stay away from them.

What features should I look for at a swingers club?

Swingers clubs can be great fun and allow for couples to be open and expressive with their sexuality. Not all clubs are created the same, and some may be a better fit for your needs than others. Here are a few things to look for.

Types of Events

If you are in to fetish events, you may enjoy finding a club that offers different fetish nights. These events typically don’t cost anymore than standard swinging parties, and will allow you a safe place to explore your fetishes.

On Premise Versus Off Premise

The difference between these two types of clubs is pretty big. Off premise clubs will simply use a membership list and contact members with a scheduled party location. These are typically hotels and the club rents out a ballroom or conference room. Off premise parties will allow no sexual activity during the event, but will usually offer discounts on hotel rooms for those who want to continue the party. On premise sites are secure and owned by the club, so anything goes.

Membership Costs

Most clubs will charge a membership fee, but others don’t. Other than the fee itself, you need to look at whats included with it. If you have to pay a membership fee, but still pay for events, this may not be worth it to you. However, memberships that include access to events will be worth it if you utilize the membership. Just be aware that some events may cost above and beyond the membership, especially for large parties and special events.

The membership fees cover security, snacks, and upkeep, so don’t frown away just because a fee is charged. Most high end clubs will charge a yearly fee.

Going to a swingers club as a single

Some swingers clubs will allow singles to participate in their events. Most clubs will have guidelines regarding who is allowed and who is not. If you are wanting to attend a swingers club without a partner, here is what you should know.


Clubs will allow single men and women swingers in to their events. Some couples are looking to add a third, and this is much easier with a single than it is with a couple. However, while single women are welcomed in almost any numbers, men will typically be limited. This is to prevent a bunch of single guys just looking for a hook up from roaming around the club. Since most clubs will only allow a small number of single men in, typically 5-10% of the capacity, it’s best to show up early.


While it can be exciting for a single at a swingers club, you need to keep your composure and follow standard etiquette. It’s really best to wait to be approached, but if you decide to approach others you should be respectful. Never assume a woman standing alone is single, and make sure her partner knows you are approaching. Breaking up a partnership is a big no-no in the swinging community. Also only watch or participate if you are invited. Don’t assume that you are welcome to join just because the couple is allowing you to watch. Single men tend to be watched more closely by staff than single women and couples, so be sure to mind your manners at all times.

Where Do I Store My Things At A Swingers Club?

Since you will need to take some basic items with you to a swingers club, secure storage can be a concern. Whether you are just bringing toiletries, or you are bringing a bag with costuming, it’s important to find out about storage options before you go.


Larger swinger clubs will offer lockers to their members. You will need to bring your own lock in these cases to keep your items secure. Clubs with limited space may still offer lockers, but they may charge a rental fee. You can pair up with others to store items to save money on the rental, just be sure you trust the couples you are sharing with.


Smaller clubs may have a few safes available for storage. These clubs will typically tell you not to bring valuables with you. Toiletries are typically going to be safe and you can carry a small bag with you around the club. For these clubs it’s probably not a good idea to bring a lot of costumes or clothing changes with you as storage will be limited.

Coat Checks

This isn’t the most secure way, but for smaller gatherings many clubs will offer a coat check. Here you can leave your items with an attendant and pick them up on your way out. Some clubs may have someone in the coat check area at all times, and others may only have coat check available at the beginning and the end of the event. You may be charged a small fee for this, and attendants should be tipped for handling your items.

Do I Have To Play At A Swingers Club?

Swingers clubs are known for open sex and exploration. Many people are intimidated by this idea and choose not to go. First timers can become very nervous, and the idea of having to participate can be enough to deter them from trying the experience. Most clubs are open with couples who don’t want to participate though.

First Timers

Many clubs will cater to first timers. This means those who have never been to a swingers club will be given a tour, and treated with white gloves. Since most swingers recognize that first timers can be very nervous they will be open and comforting during the experience. After all, every one in the lifestyle has been a first timer at some point. First timers are not expected to play, and are welcome to just walk around, engage with others, and check things out.


Voyeurs are welcome at swingers clubs as well, with a few rules. If a door is closed, you should not enter unless you’ve been invited. It’s also expected that you announce your intentions when you meet others. This will eliminate any awkwardness later if you are invited to join. Many couples prefer to practice soft swinging – or just watching other couples.

Closed Swinging

Other couples will play, but only with one another. The excitement of being in the club and seeing all the open exploration can be a turn on. This is also perfectly acceptable, but again, your intentions should be made clear when you meet other couples. Not letting other couples know you intend on only playing with your partner can get you the reputation of being creeps.